On being thankful

“Count ten things every day that you are thankful for” was the advice given to me years ago when I was in a sea of misery.   Humph.   What good would that do? Wouldn’t change the situation I was in.

But the act of being thankful changed me. Being mindful of all the goodness that I do have in our lives resulted in a profound shift in attitude.  A new mindset, one that nurtures a tiny seedling of good cheer that becomes a sturdy plant that can weather any storm.

My ten things this morning?

1. My husband.   “Docktah D” (the research kind, not the fixing-people kind).  Funny and bright and oh my goodness did I EVER PICK OUT THE RIGHT ONE.   Close to 50 and he’s got all his hair, nearly the same shade as in college and still trim.    I won the spouse lottery.

2. Warm weather.   Tucson,  I love you.  Bees and scorpions pale in comparison to your balmy December days and the sight of citrus trees full of orange and yellow fruit in winter.

3. Horses.   The seven year old girl in me wakes up thinking every day is Christmas because there’s a pony! (well, a horse) in her life! Finally!

4.  Parrots.   Talking parrots.   Swearing and laughing and conversing and singing.   It’s never dull.

5.  Our house.   In the middle of the street.   Solar.  Easy to care for.  Ahhh.

6. Hummingbirds.   Holy cow, do we have ’em.

7. Friends.  “The stable gang”.  How amazing that buying a horse could be such cheap therapy- for the price of board ($250 a month) comes fresh air, adventures and a close knit group of people who socialize beyond the barn?

8.  My kids are grown and out of the house.  Could this be sadness?  I miss the little people years but if they are out and on their own, then I guess things turned out better than we ever hoped.

9.  Cell phones.  To keep in touch with those big-people-who-were-once-my-little people.   So glad we can be connected.  Although they both still refuse to friend me on Facebook.

10. I do not have a UTI today.



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