What’s to say

Obviously not a lot from me.  I keep my mouth shut a lot of the time.  Maybe too much.  

I recently spoke up about a problem.  If an infectious disease is going around and it’s going to affect me and mine, including my animals, then I feel I have some say in the matter.

Pus bursting out of a horse’s chest?  I’m going to be calling and getting hold of the owner, the stable manager- whoever needs to know.  Clean that up and don’t be tracking it around my horse and wash your hands while you are at it.

You think I was exaggerating about the scope of the matter? Tough. I wasn’t and it is serious.  Tell me that pus isn’t infectious as it puddles in the dirt like vanilla pudding?  I’m not an idiot.  It’s pus and flies will spread the disease to my animals and when that happens, I’m not going to be dancing a jig.

Back to mopping the computer room floor.  Three parrots make a hell of a mess and I’ve decided that three is one short of a hoard.   I don’t hate animals but please, no more pets in this house.   Want to know what cool talking parrots are really like?  Toddlers.  Forever and ever.  They poop on the floor and throw food on the walls, scream occasionally and either want to be held or pitch a fit and bite when they don’t.  If you like to clean, you will really, really love to own a parrot.

Happy Monday.


One response to “What’s to say

  1. “Three is one short of a hoard…” I love that statement!

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