Wherein I discuss Easter


 I can just imagine this sitting on the dining room table on Easter Sunday morning.  Jesus has risen… Yoda not so much.  See? We cut off his head and filled it with candy for you!

I’m trying to imagine the conversations Chinese workers have in their factories.  What were you working on today?  A plush basket with the head of a Star Wars figure.  In America, people will fill the head with candy and eggs and tell their children a rabbit left it.


What did I give up for Lent?Listening to Henry Mancini songs and eating frozen mixed vegetables.   It’s a sacrifice.



Dr. D was rummaging around in the candy drawer and said with a smile, “Oh ho! What’s this? An empty bag of white chocolate M&Ms? I think I’ve solved the mystery of the gaining weight, my dear!”

“Good for you, Nancy Drew.”


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