I Better Watch My Language, Then

A friend from college is visiting us.  Both he and his wife are ministers and also the parents of an almost- four year old boy.  

He’s a lively, cheerful, polite child.  As his parents ran errands, he sat with me on the floor playing with the toys my now-adult children enjoyed.  A wooden train.  Books.  Tiny cars.  Lego.

He wanted me to join in the pretending and as I sailed a Lego ship through the air I called out,

“Holy cow!”

The little fellow, obviously surrounded by everything religious and sacred, stopped me and said in all seriousness, “You can’t say that.”

“Okay.  I won’t say that any more.  What should I say instead?” I asked.

“It’s not ‘holy cow’.  You are supposed to say ‘holy CRAP.”

“Okay.  I won’t say that.  


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